Dean Paras Foundation

We are a tax-deductible  501c3 Foundation 

If you heard hoofbeats, what animal would you think of? A horse, right? It’s the most obvious answer. Unfortunately in the medical world not all diagnoses are horses, or the most likely possibility, and sometimes physicians need to look for the zebra, or the less likely scenario, when making a diagnosis. In the cancer world, neuroendocrine tumors are the zebras. Represented by this analogy because of their rarity, neuroendocrine tumors make up just 2% of nationally treated cancers.

Neuroendocrine tumors can originate anywhere within the body, are difficult to detect and can remain undiagnosed for quite some time. They tend to be slow growing, and patients often don’t realize the tumor is present because symptoms are most often mistaken for signs of other ailments. 

working to raise awareness and funds for
Neuroendocrine cancer research!

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All of our events will be held with Dean's love of family and friends in mind.  We will always strive to have fun, and surround ourselves with his joyful spirit, as we gather together and work to raise awareness and funds for Neuroendocrine cancer research.  

our mission:


If you would like to be a volunteer at our fundraising events, have any question, or just want to show us your support. We look forward to hearing from you!

Working to raise awareness and funds for Neuroendocrine cancer research!

WHere Our FUnds GO

All the donations we have received from our past events have gone towards the Cancer research efforts led by many talented doctors and researchers. 

 To date we have raised over $175,000 for this life

saving research.  


In loving memory of Dean, we strive to raise awareness and funds for Neuroendocrine cancer research.

We are also working to raise funds so that other BioMedical Engineering Graduate students can pursue their studies with a Graduate Fellowship Scholarship at Vanderbilt University in his name.